Friday, November 26, 2004


Hi guys!

I'm having a good day today. Wrote on the mss. It's one of those transition points, so it's hard going -- but I'm WRITING.

Hunter' s moved way up on the B&N standings, partly because they're the first ones shipping. Cathy said she hopes that the spread out time frame doesn't screw with whether or not we make the bestseller list(s). Frankly, I'm thrilled. I mean having to WORRY about bestseller possibilities? What horror (hah, big grin), how AWFUL (can you hear the laughter in my voice?). Seriously, it's absolute joy to have the book stuff going so well. I can't seem to get this big grin off my face.

The Abyss is an anthology that Mind Games (a/k/a Ian) is in. It's a very dark romance anthology. The person who put it together worked her butt off to put it together and get it out in a quality format before the holidays. And now she's catching crap on the lists because of the cover, etc. Ugh. I mean, I'm not a huge fan of the cover, but it was posted for well over a month before the book came out and nobody complained beforehand -- so I don't see that they get to now that it's after the fact. And the fact is, the cover gives more than a good clue as to what we're dealing with -- a very DARK book with horror themes and romance. I made sure that Nancy (the person in question) knew that I am grateful to her and her crew for their hard work, I'm not offended by the cover (dark red with black, woman in lacy negligee with a pentacle behind her -- NOTE: pentacle not pentagram. You can tell the difference because it points up not down [among other things]), and that yes, we will be featuring it on our website and have it at our signings. I'm proud of Ian, but the story isn't for the faint hearted, and it's probably one of the milder offerings in the anthology. (I don't know for sure, because I haven't read them all!) Now I won't be participating in some of the other anthologies they will be coming up with. The reason for that is that they've decided to move more toward erotica, which is just not what I'm interested in writing. But I don't, and have never, believed in censorship. Just DON'T go there. Freedom of speech and expression is a VERY big deal to me. And yes, I'm aware that we may catch some flack. I'm sorry about that. I hate that people can be closed-minded, but that is their privilege. They are just as entitled to their opinions as I am mine. I'm not going to wave the cover in front of the noses of fundamentalist ministers or ASK for trouble, but we may get it anyway. Sigh.

So, anyway, the cover is up on the website (if you want to take a look at it) featured prominently, with a write up/warning about what the anthology is about. Cathy and I decided to do that, even though we have really been wanting to feature Hunter during this first critical period, because we want to support (a) Nancy personally, and (b) freedom of speech and expression. It's more political than I like to be, but I think it's important. Wish me luck.

Had a long, lovely chat with my son last night about the Sazi world, filling him in on the backstory for various characters and the general direction we're wanting to go with it and different possibilities. The Sazi world existed before Tony was even a twinkle as it were. There are literally dozens of people, each with their own stories, and at least two major multi-book story arcs (sp?) . The trick is that most "worlds" where the world has books from different characters tend to be "softer" fantasy as opposed to our more "hard" approach. I mean, Piers Anthony, Mercedes Lackey, and Anne McCafferty have done it, but there's some question whether the publisher will let us do it. Cathy could write Tony books forever. I'd prefer to look at the world from the eyes of the people I've written about too. I think that Tony will have more books -- particularly from his new job. There will be LOTS of book fodder there. (Can't say more for fear of serious spoilers. Sorry) :)

But I want there to be books about and by Cat, Raphael, Antoine, Holly, Raven, Lucas and others where Tony is a minor character (if he appears at all). We'll have to see if I get the chance. It will depend on the publisher, the public, and my co-author. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed! (Well, not really, or I couldn't type. But you get the idea).

Before we can do the next Sazi novel though I need to finish what I'm working on, and Cathy needs to finish the edits on Kate. One day and one thing at a time. But oh, it does make me happy. Now if it'll only make me wealthy. (grin). People keep talking about rich and famous. Frankly, they can keep famous. I want to be "Roebuck" to Cathy's "Sears." Earn a very nice living, but stay more in the background.

But I'll tell you a secret. If it falls through, and we don't have the huge success. I'm still incredibly happy about it. The books exist. They're a physical reality, on the shelves and in people's minds. That is an almost indescribable joy. Don't get me wrong -- I want (and will definitely take) the money. But oh thank you God, I'm so very happy and grateful.

Best wishes to all.


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