Monday, November 22, 2004

Good Morning

Happy birthday to me.
Happy birthday to me.
Happy BIRTHDAY, happy birthday.
Happy birthday to me!

Hoping for a great day. Going to a training session out of town for most of it. Yesterday was the day my son James and I celebrated. Had a lot of fun. Good presents. Thanks to Everybody!

One of the things that's going on at the RT conference we'll be attending in April are a pair of costume balls. I bought the fabric to make my costume. Decided on a rennaisance vampire convertable to a princess for the costumes. I love the clothing of that era AND it's easy to make. I didn't really "fit" well in the SCA, but I do miss the garb. Go figure. Of course, it was a very long time ago and I was doing the single mom thing. Maybe I'll try again sometime now that James is an adult.

Uh oh, lightning and thunder. Time to shut down the computer. Have a great day all!


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Cie! (Today Nov. 22)
Happy Birthday Cathy! (Yesterday Nov. 21)
Your Buddy,