Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Welcome to November


Welcome to November. Lots of good news.

Halloween was great. My mom had a good birthday, and Cathy and I had a great time dealing with the folks over at The Werewolf Cafe. It was a howl! The folks there are great.

Let's see, where to start...

We got our review in Romantic Times. 4.5 stars and a TOP PICK. WHOO HOO. Got another great review from Harriet Klausner -- five stars! The good reviews and the publicity work have gotten us under 10,000 on Amazon, which means we are selling well. Cathy has found out the procedure for how many sales equals what rank. She explained it to me yesterday, but, alas, my memory is a sieve and the information is gone this morning. Sigh. Still, it very much looks like we'll "earn out" our advance -- which is WAY COOL.

The charity auction for an autographed ARC of Hunter's Moon for Granite City APA (Laurell K. Hamilton's charity auction) is going well. It's currently fetching $110.50 -- not bad for a 6.99 paperback! (BIG GRIN). THANKS to everyone who has been bidding!

I'm amazed at all of the good charity work I've been hearing about other authrs doing. It makes me very happy to know there are such good people out there!

I can't believe it's just one month until the book is out! WOW has the time been flying. We'll get our author copies early, of course. Cathy has been sending out the postcards to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America list in groups. I'm in awe of her ability when it comes to publicity.

I'm hoping to get to send out cards to a buch of the folks in Denver. If not, I'm going to do an e-mail to everyone with the photo embedded. I'm just very happy and proud, and I DO want to do my part to support the book.

With regard to other projects --

The Abyss (Dark Romance Anthology) with "Mind Games" is coming out this month.
Hunter's Moon is coming out December 12 (WOO HOO).
Secrets (Mystery Anthology) with "Apple" is coming out in (I think) January.
Moon's Web is coming out in August, 2005.

After Happily Ever After -- we're looking at getting an illustrator and reorganizing it before we try to sell it.

Kate/The Thrall/Deadly Rapture (Can you tell we're having a hard time finding a good name for this one!) is currently with the agent. Keeping our fingers crossed that she'll find a good home for it!

Cathy is currently working on the re-write of Blue Lights while I am currently working on the first draft of The Raveners.

All in all a very busy, productive, and good time.

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