Friday, April 07, 2006

Guten Morgen!

Hi Guys!

Getting ready to (1) pack and (2) go rassel me some fence (yee-haw). We are STILL trying to come up with a fence that will keep in the dog. ARGH! Still, she's getting big enough that I THINK she's going to have a hard time finding a way out. On the other hand, soon, very soon, she may be big enough the JUMP the blasted thing! I really am considering getting an 8' privacy fence for the back yard soon.

OK, complete topic change. Have you ever had one of those total disconnects where you KNOW you see things completely differently than (nearly) everybody else does? It happens to me all of the time. For example, I came down to a small town in Texas from Denver. When I was standing at a grocery counter I saw a truck go by with flags and flashing lights that read "Joe's Escort Service." My first thought was "WOW." Because, in Denver, an "escort service" means, politely, a "rent a date." Apparently Joe wasn't running one of those, however. Nope, here an escort service is a company that escorts trucks carrying oversized loads. :D I had to wonder if I just had a dirty mind, so I asked my son, and Cathy and her husband. All of them had the same reaction. I guess it's a city v. rural thing. LOL

When I was little and was first going to the library they put up a sign in the window that said "Book Depository in Rear." I thought it was SOOOOOOO rude! I mean... OW! Yes, I knew what they meant, but couldn't they have said something like "Book Return Behind Building?" Still four words and SOOOOO much nicer.

As I say, I look at things differently. Some people find it funny. Others are deeply offended by it. I don't mean to offend, truly. (Well, not MOST of the time anyway. Push me hard enough and, yeah, I can be a bit of a hag.) But there you go.

Anyway, gotta pack, run errands, and get ready by noon, so I'd better run. Everybody be good. (I won't ask at what. ;) )



Anonymous said...

I hear you on what you are saying regarding people's choices of words, as those two examples do sound pretty funny.

jan said...

LOL! My dad was an "escort" for a while, ran munitions for the government for a while, then horsetrailers, then mobile homes. I've always heard "escort service" as rent-a-date, too...but for some reason I'd never connected Daddy's escorting to the phrase. Fun. Now I'm going to give him a ration about it. :)