Saturday, April 29, 2006


Hi! Deep in deadline mode, so again this is liable to be short. Bear with me please.

It's funny how a character can lead you down the garden path. You're going strong, it looks good, and then BOOM, dead end.

Lost a couple of pages yesterday. Production is important at this stage. LOTS to get done. SO, today I have to get a little more time in than usual.

But this morning, I'm happy: happy that I get the chance to do what I love; happy and grateful that I have the life I do. Yeah, the animals are work, but they also give me absolute, unconditional love. The things they want I can actually provide. Solveable problems are nice once in a while. (LOL)

Gotta run. Pages, pages, pages. Take care of yourselves.



Y said...

You take care too Cie!


Shawn said...

Unconditional love and realistic expectations, you gotta love that!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on what you are saying about pets, they are great.