Thursday, April 13, 2006

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Hi Guys!

OK, I have passed on the edits to Cathy and am waiting to get them back. I could work on Touch of Madness (TOE #2 or "little toe"), but Kate's voice is very different from Catherine's, so I'm thinking it's better to wait. So I scheduled myself a day of complete rest. (Well, actually, rest until noon with regular stuff in the afternoon.) I took an Excederin PM to get rid of the pain and help me sleep last night with the absolute GOAL of sleeping until noon. Yup. Me, the early riser, sleeping in. I did not want to be out of that bed before the clock struck 12:00. See, I have a sleep disturbance, and I've not been getting any rest worth a damn for over a month.

Alas, no rest for the wicked. Between the cats, the dog, the phone, and my son getting ready for work, 8:00 was IT. BUT, I did sleep HARD until then, and only woke up twice during the night (neither of which time I remember clearly). So today I feel more rested than I have in a while. YIPPEEEE!! So now I'm puttering around a bit before I officially face the day. :)

Did some internet surfing. And I have to say folks, it is time to thank Cathy. Because if she hadn't forced me to harden my skin, some of the things people have been saying about the books are BRUTAL. I would've been so hurt. I mean, yeah, I don't like every book either, but I don't turn on the author(s)! On the other hand, weirdly, it is sometimes a sign that you've arrived that people feel the need to pick on you. Weird, but true. I've seen it happen to all my favorite authors.

On a completely different track -- The Dixie Chicks have a new single out about being "Not Ready to Play Nice." I LOVE IT!! First, whether you agree or disagree with their personal politics, they GET TO HAVE OPINIONS, JUST LIKE YOU DO!!! Secondly, it comes out at a time when we're doing edits on a book where we have a character (a were jaguar) being forced to interact with a wolf pack. When James played this song for me it was just SOOOOOOOOO Catherine's take on the pack!

OK, I've got to go. The dog needs walked. I need lunch. There's house stuff to do. But I actually feel OK today. Not spectacular, but OK. Maybe if I can get sleep over the holiday weekend I'll even feel GOOD by Monday. WHOO HOOO!!

Gotta run!


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Happy weekend and happy holiday!