Wednesday, April 12, 2006

On Demand

HI. I'm pooped today. Completely wiped out. No real reason for it. Just the way it is. Still, had a great time in San Antonio this weekend. Edits are moving along. I'm very happy not to be in the law office and hope that things are going well for my boss and the new person. I still have a TON of stuff to do, but I'm just too blasted weary to do it.

I did get a sh#tload of edits sent off to Cathy for her review. She is going to work on adding the villain's POV. She will send stuff back, and I will accept or reject her suggestions before sending the whole thing back to Anna. Hard work, but definitely worthwhile. If you've ever seen an uncut gem and compared it to the final cut one, you'll know what I mean.

I think that today I am going to get "stuff" done: Cleaning and organizing the office; picking up the mess the puppy made; getting the screens refitted and on to the windows before things get hot down here. All of it things that don't require me to be at my best either emotionally or mentally -- because I'm just not. I discovered a long time ago that there are some things you work through, and there are other things that you just have to accept and work around. Today's a work-around kind of day. I also think it's a good day for me to avoid people as I'm a serious grumpbucket. Mindless and soothing -- just the ticket.

Later kids.

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Y said...

Take it easy and have a HAPPY EASTER Cie! :)