Saturday, April 22, 2006

It's All HER Fault (LOL)


Just read the LKH blog where she was talking about ideas and how they develop. I liked it, because it is very much like my process, which gives me instant vaildation and makes me feel SOOOOOO much less weird. (LOL)

For example, the other day I was reading something posted by my editor, where she talked about chick lit. (She's not that fond of it personally). POOF idea time. A post-chick-lit book. It's called: The Godmother: Or how I Learned to Let Go and Love My Bunions. Instead of a 20-30 something heroine, she's about to turn 40. She's changed careers from an editor to an agent, and has had to give up all of her Manolo Blahniks because of (GASP) BUNIONS! This costs her her foot-fetishist boyfriend (he runs off with an erotica writer) and... well, to say that it goes on and on and is completely absurd before she finally gets the man of her dreams (Raul, the romance cover model). I designed in my head the cover art. (You know all those cartoon Chick-Lit covers with the woman in a short skirt, her legs crossed and killer shoes. Picture the short skirt, shapely legs crossed, and ORTHOPEDIC shoes.) My son and I bounced ideas all the way to San Angelo (a nearby city) and even did casting of the movie version. (Charlie Sheen gets to play the ex.)

Now NOTE, I doubt this will ever get to be written (sadly). If I was going to use it, I probably wouldn't post it here. As it is, I'm not going into a lot of detail, but have a whole, dated write-up in my computer. (Paranoia, thy name is Cie). It was an idea whose time has not (and probably never will) come. BUT, it was an idea. And James and I had a helluva good time talking about it. And it came out of one comment, by one person in their blog that started a whole chain of "What ifs". What happens to the heroines of these chick-lit books as they get older? What would wearing all those heels do to your feet? (I know about this one! Not everybody gets bunions, but I did! THIS I can describe! LOL)

So, you don't go to the five and dime to pick up ideas (12 for a dollar). But sometimes you GET ideas at the five and dime. (OOOH, what if....)

ANYWAY, as you can see, I'm feeling somewhat frivolous this morning. I am about to change hair colors, and then will be getting ready to go to a book signing in Brownwood at the Hastings bookstore. I'm hoping we'll get some traffic. If not, I will at least get a chance to sit and talk with my co-author. I can barely imagine how boring it would be to go to a signing alone and have nobody show up! UGH!

Writing is going well. I'm thinking this book will span a period of about 7-10 days. Kate just had a VERY bad first day, and it's only going to get worse! Poor woman.

Everybody enjoy themselves. Live hard, laugh hard.



Arsie said...

It's always amazing to see where you get ideas from. I know mine come from all over, I usually just use them up on role playing message boards. :)

Anonymous said...

Fun post Cie! Hope your book signing went well.