Thursday, June 25, 2009

Attention Posse et al.

Attention Posse et al.

I am in deadline crunch. Mojo has been visiting (not moved back, but she's at least sneaking in for food, drink, and the occasional scritch) so the Muse is willing to work with me again. There was a delay in shipping the swag that I ordered, so I don't even have everything here to send.

SO, all that swag I promised you is going to be delayed. How long will depend on the USPS and how fast I can get the writing done. I will keep you advised. Many apologies.

Although, honestly, I think y'all would rather have books than swag anyway wouldn't you?

Cie/C.T. Adams


Tammy said...

Books are NUMBER 1!

Chris said...

Write like the wind!