Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hi. I only have a minute or so. I am in a manic hurry. (a) Trying to squeeze in writing time; (b) trying to get the deal made on updating the webpage and having the newsletter get out to more people and be more professionally done; (c) getting ready for the day job; and (d) getting the pets taken care of and my exercise in. OY!

Had a breakthrough yesterday morning that may help the entire new series. Wrote notes furiously in the hopes that it wouldn't slip through my fingers. (Thyroid issues give you memory problems. Not a happy thing when the muse has been fussy.) So now I have a bit of research to do to make it work.

Many blessings to K. Segovia for the research help she gave me on this one. She gets not only attagirls, but also an acknowledgement in the front of the book and a signed copy when it actually gets to print.

Okay, I'd love to say something cute, or profound, or anything really. But I just haven't got it in me. BUT if you want something cool to look at, search YouTube for the video of Bruce Lee playing table tennis with nunchucks/nunchacku.


Dolly said...

Boy Cie you stay up late. I can't imagine statying up that late and working a full time job. My goodness. Take care.

C. T. Adams said...

Alas, not staying up that late, rising that early. I have energy early in the morning. By the end of a long, hot, summer day I do not. So I start early and go to bed early, where I can lay in front of the air conditioner and groan myself to sleep.