Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Fog and Penguin Shopping

I have been in a thick fog. This is not unusual after a migraine. I usually catch them before they get too far along, but sometimes they get away from me, and I wind up with the side-effects. For me, frequently the side effects include things like: Aural sensitivity (to the point where a fly sounds like a jet landing), light sensitivity (OW), inability to think clearly and focus, and sometimes, when I'm really lucky tunnel vision. OOOOOO BABY. Usually I manage to get the meds in me before I get the "feels like an ice-pick through the left eyeball" headache part. But even the meds can't always keep me from having trouble focusing and being clear for a day or two after. Which sucks.

So, yesterday and today have been soft-focus days where I do things that don't require analytical thought. Like penguin shopping.

You think I jest? I do not.

I am doing up the prize/swag bags for The Rosie Hughes Project contest that is going to be in the newsletter tomorrow (assuming I am clear headed. It was going to be today, but I'm afraid if I do send it, it may be very "through the looking glass" ish. -- Rumor has it that Lewis Carroll wrote that when having a migraine. It may be a foul rumor, but I certainly can believe it. That story READS like migraine imagery enhanced by really good medication.) One of the key items in the story are penguins. SO, I was penguin shopping. I found some lovely (a bit too lovely, not nearly kitschy enough for my taste, but they were the only stuffed penguins out this time of year so I am SOOOOOOO not complaining) stuffed penguins and also a "pull and swim" set of plastic penguins. I had to have them. HAD to. They may or may not make it to the swag bags. The last time I had pull-and swim toys was for my son when he was little. They wound up fascinating the cats like you wouldn't believe. So they may well be cat toys. We'll see.

Got out the digital camera and charged it up. I am going to have to go on line and get an instruction manual for the danged thing. I got it used from a friend who has to have the latest and greatest tech and wanted to upgrade. I just wanted somthing to take pictures. Alas, he did not have the book because, it has bells. It has whistles. It has bells AND whistles. I swear the silly thing could probably TAP DANCE if I just knew how to ask it to. I accidentally got it to do a video (of my shower curtain. I really hope I didn't save it. But I might have.).

I am generally fine with tech once I get a chance to mess with them a bit. Especially if I get to read the directions. (Yes, I DO read directions.) But I will admit that while I am instinctively good with software, hardware is not my best thing. But WE SHALL OVERCOME! I WILL get the camera to submit so that I can take photos of the swag bags for the newsletter.

Well, gotta go. The day awaits.


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