Thursday, June 18, 2009

Questions for the Audience

Okay guys. I'm feeling a little lonely here. I've been trying new things with the blogs, the newsletter and such, and I don't know if they're working or not. What do you like? What don't you like? What would you want to see more of?

I mean, I haven't been getting too many comments. Some of the contests get enthusiasm, some don't get any reaction at all.

SO, I'm asking for input. WADDAYA WANT?

Also, to encourage even MORE participation (TOLD you I was feeling a little lonely) this is the day to ask me questions. Book questions, writing questions. Whatever. (If it's too personal I may pass, but otherwise, the door is open. Ask away).


Tammy said...

First off I love the newsletter! I've enjoyed the visiting dignitares, and I really like the saturday morning serial. I haven't posted much lately due to things going on here at home - sorry.

As for questions for you...hmmm... anything you can share about what comes after Cold Moon? ::grin:: I'm a spoiler whore I know.

Chris said...

Confession: I got kinda confused trying to sort out the last contest post. Maybe I just needed more caffeine.

Dolly said...

I love everything you are doing. Can't think what would make it better unless you guys could write Really like the visiting dignitaries. Don't feel lonely..I think alot of us read your posts but maybe are a little shy about posting too much. Please keep it up.

Suzette said...

Do i get the newsletter? How do I sign up for it? I like your blog and the visiting digntaries. I do try and comment but I dont every time.

The contest are great and personally, if I have won one, I try to give others a chance plus I'm not sure if I would qualify if I had already won one. I love contests to win books and goodies so don't stop doing those. Its nice to win and this way I can tell my husband, "baby I won it, I didnt buy it." If i still qualify let me know, because I'll try entering all of the

If you've answered this before or if its somewhere I haven't seen it, I apologize. What made you decide to write? Did you always know you could? When you first started did you feel like your work sounded like everyone else's? I ask because of so many books that have the same themes going on.

C. T. Adams said...

Thanks guys. It just helps to know what people do (and don't) like. Let's see. . . .

Tammy -- spoilers -- for shame. (Winks). Let me check with Cathy and send me an e-mail at the to see if I can come up with a LITTLE tease.

Chris -- indulge the caffeine addiction. LOL. Okay, basically we had a blog ring with a group of authors that was "The Rosie Hughes Project" you read the blogs and follow a chain story about Rosie. The contest has you answering questions from the blog ring and e-mailing us at the gmail account above for a drawing to win lotsa swag (prizes were listed in the post). If you need links to the blogs, e-mail me at gmail and I'll provide them. In this blog just search for Rosie Hughes.

Dolly -- Thanks. We're trying hard. Sort of like Avis. LOL And please don't be shy. I don't bite . . . much.

Suzette -- you write the gmail account and ask to be on the newsletter list. We add you to the list. :) I can send you June now, even though it already went out.

And yes to all. You can win, and win, and win. I'm not going to disqualify you. I WANT people to enter. I mean, how sad if I spent time and money trying to swag you all and nobody even (SOB) TRIED?

Suzette said...

Good to know. Sign me up for the nesletter! As far as contest...yay! Just means more opportunities to win if I get lucky.

C. T. Adams said...

Somehow this doesn't sound quite right, but "I hope you get lucky!" LOL

Tammy said...

Thanks Cie, email away.

I know me bad, but I do love spoilers. Sides that way I can tease others into reading the books too.

Caffey said...

Hi CT and Cathy!
Its my first time posting here and I just started visiting. I'm thrilled to be here! Smile.

I'd love for the contests to be too for those who are new to your books (like me!) so I didn't do that last one since I wasn't sure of what to do.

I shall look for that link on the newsletter! I love reading excerpts and themes surrounding the books so glad to be checking it out more here! Too love to hear what YOU are reading too! Love recommendations for when we are waiting between books smile.