Sunday, June 14, 2009


Okay, first, I'm feeling playful guys. That's a good thing. But it means that I will be feisty occasionally. Don't fret posse members. I'm not actually torqued. But the packing and tech issues mean that I can't find all of your e-mails. I've actually decided to put them all in a honest-to-God-in-print-so-I-can-find-it-without-tech ADDRESS BOOK. So if you can and you haven't, please re-send the address. Mucho thanks.

OY -- It was bound to happen eventually I suppose. But my old, faithful, I have it exactly the way I want it, Yahoo account CHANGED. Yes, they're UPGRADING. I LOATHE upgrades. Seriously. There are always bugs. And they make it so FRIENDLY and HELPFUL. Damn it, I don't want to waste my time doing friendly and helpful with cutesy on the side. I just want to get to my freaking e-mails. I'm an old fashioned kinda gal. I love tech. I do. But I want to be in control of it. If I want to set up an outline, *I* want to decide how I want it. I don't want the computer to tell me how I'm going to do it and I DON'T want to have to wrestle the software two out of three falls, go through twelve substeps in the basic tool bar, and pray to God just in HOPES that I can get it the way I want it.

Every time they try to make things "EASIER" and "USER FRIENDLY" it screws with me. I hereby state that I am, for the record, a singularly UNFRIENDLY user.

What's worse, they keep doing it more and more to justify their existence (I refuse to believe the populace is getting that much more stupid. That would be just too depressing.). So that eventually your useful, faithful, lets you do it the way you actually want it done without arguing, software won't WORK with the hardware any more. You are FORCED to upgrade. Or your old, but still runs perfectly for crying out loud, hardware is so outdated that none of the present machines will cooperate and work with "granny over there."

I'm green. I believe you use it until it isn't useful, then you recycle it. If it still runs, why replace it? My truck is old, but runs like a champ. (Doesn't look so hot any more [thanks to a teenager with one of those huge Texas monster trucks who wasn't looking where he was going and a couple of severe hail storms] but it RUNS and it's PAID FOR.) My computer is getting up there, and was the forced replacement for Bessie, a 386 that was still running fine when I had to retire her due to above incompatibility issues. I like older houses with big front porches that you can hang a swing on, claw foot bath tubs, and actually walking or riding my bike places. I use my phone as a phone. Yeah, I learned to take pictures on it -- mostly so that I could manage NOT to keep taking photos of my foot by accident. Yeah, it CAN cruise the web, but when I'm somewhere where I need a cell phone, it's 'cause I intend to be AWAY from the computer. I have never deliberately gone online with my phone. I can't say I've never accidentally done it, because I do. I have, however, gotten the incidents of this down to about once a month -- usually when I'm exhausted. It can text. But I don't. There's nothing I can text that I can't actually say faster, and I'm a big one on words. (Most writers are.) Full words.

I am looking for tech that allows me to either upgrade if I want, or NOT.

I am tired of every time I tell the blog to post getting a Google error that says I've made a "BAD REQUEST". How the hell can it be a bad request? I just clicked on the damned button YOU provided. That makes NO sense whatsoever.

Now Yahoo e-mail, my last bastion of safety has fallen. ARGH!!!!


Tammy said...

I hear you and I feel your pain!

I had to exchange Matilda for a newbie earlyier this year for the same problems you're mentioning. Matilda ran and still does just eh way I like it, but those darn people didn't want to let Matilda come visit their sites anymore so I had to replace her for the everyday heavy usage.

As for Yahoo, I'm seriously ticked with them - I've had a geocities account with them forever - a free one - and they've decided to close ALL the geocities accounts this year. GRRRRRRRRRRR

Anyways - did you get my snail mail addy a few days/week ago or do you need me to resend it also? Same name as I'm signing here with the state being in PA

Chris said...

As someone who drives a 12 year old car that I still love... :)

Have you tried gmail?? I find it less pesky than yahoo - plus there a little link at the top that you can follow to use an older version.

I can resend my snail mail address if you'd like...

C. T. Adams said...

Thanks guys! I use gmail for the fan club stuff, but I liked my basic old-fashioned Yahoo for the bulk of the everyday personal stuff. And I don't want to change my personal e-mail address because that's how everybody actually knows how to get hold of me.

I'll survive. But I really do get frustrated about the whole planned obsolescence thing.

On the plus side, I'm mastering the digital camera now that I actually printed out a copy of the manual.