Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hi Guys! (Waves vigorously.)

Hi! Waves Vigorously!

Hi Guys! Okay, I've only got a couple of minutes. But I thought I'd stop in and catch you up on things.

First, the heat is miserable. I used to love summer. But a bout of heat prostration has made me not able to process heat well physically. (I don't know if it is an official permanent side-effect, or just something I believe, but I've heard it from a guy who had heat stroke too.) Still, things like yard work don't do themselves. So with the back yard grass up to my knees, and the temperatures showing no sign of dropping much below triple digits (and the guy who usually offers to come do my yard for $20.00 mysteriously MIA -- probably too sensible to try it in this heat) I decided to wait until sundown when the temps were at least a little lower and go for it.

Amen I say unto you UGH! Oh SOOOOOOOO UGH!

But it's done. Unfortunately its the next morning and I'm still pooped. Still, I got quite a bit of writing done this weekend. Tightened up the plot planning. Did some research. By the end of next weekend I should have the whole thing gelled enough to actually TALK about it without going blank and panicking, thus losing at least 2-4 days of writing time.

We've gotten the people hired to take over the newsletter, put together and up the new website, and are talking about the possibility of a forum after all. The art work should be just about ready for the bookmarks, ads, etc. SO, things are moving forward at a good clip.

Oh, the fledgling birds on the porch are grown and gone. Mom and dad bird were at it again, and based on their behavior, I'm thinking there're more eggs incubating. I like birds, and they are providing endless distraction to the kitties. Although I must admit the blinds have suffered for it.

Okay, gotta go.

Take care.


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