Monday, June 22, 2009

My Mojo/The Muse/Transformers

Hi Guys!

Okay, I've only got a couple of minutes. I've got THINGS to do. Mostly, I have to write. But there is also promo stuff on the book coming out in August that has snuck up on me with a vengeance. OY.

So, this will be short, and possibly disjointed with a little ADD thrown in on the side.

My mojo is missing. I've been busy looking for it. Basically I consider mojo to be the personal energy, power, excitement that runs through people. It makes people notice. It gives you the boost to create. It attracts the muse, that fickle creature who helps writers write.

Because my mojo is totally allergic to negative emotions, and illness it has run off like a stray cat in search of a good home. So I have to lure it back. Because the muse will not muse without it. In short, I need to have fun, be happy and light-hearted. Which is trickier than it sounds. In the meantime, I still have promo to do and pages to produce. SO, if while you're out havign a good time, you see my mojo, give it a stiff drink and a snack then pack it off home for me, will you? Many thanks.

Okay, I was doing my walking this morning (exercise plan, helps with keeping the energy up and pain at bay) and I saw something ---odd. There is a lawn mower at Wal-Mart that looks just like a Transformer/Deceptacon mask. Swear it does. I took a picture, but I don't have the right cable to put it from my phone into the computer (YET). I got this weird image of a Deceptacon trying to hide and someone testing the lawnmower. "No, this just doesn't seem to work for me." And when they turn there back it goes back to human/ish and spits out grass clippings with a choke and a grimace.

ANYWAY, the fact that I can go on these weird imaginary jaunts means the mojo has not moved out permanently, but is more on more of a bender. But I sure do miss her.


Suzette said...

I love it! A Transformer lawnmower! I cannot wait to see this movie. I loved the first on so much and the second looks like its going to be most excellent.

I truly hope you get your muse back. I can't even imagine what that must be like for a writer. Does this happen often to you? What kinds of things do you do to try and get it back? Maybe some mood music? Good luck!

Tammy said...

Maybe that was your mojo I saw last night.

It's been really warm/hot here lately (70's to low 80's), so I have the front door open and the window in it as well. Well last night I've been hearing this noise, sounded like a cat calling, not real bad or loud, but kinda continous. I thought at first one of mine had gotten hurt, so I went and checked - nope - all present and acounted for and mostly asleep. So I sat back down and as I did I glanced out the door, and here was this big, beautiful white cat, just sitting there looking at me. I said hello, she mewed and then got up and walked away.

So if that was your mojo, she might be on the way back home.

C. T. Adams said...

Suzette -- No, it doesn't happen often. Usually, I am inundated with ideas and can't write them quickly enough. Losing my mojo is usually associated with depression, anger, and being sick (which generally depresses and angers me -- go figure!). Frustration doesn't help either.

BUT I went to a movie yesterday, and spent some time in the bookstore, so I was able to lure her back long enough for the muse to cooperate. :)

Tammy -- perhaps you're right! As I just noted, she did sneak in for a snack and a little attention.