Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The Rosie Hughes Project

The Rosie Hughes Project wound down with one last entry that is a “What are they doing now?” entry in most of the blogs. (It missed Cie’s because she was in Denver house hunting and didn’t have access to a computer on the agreed date.)

Now that it’s (le sigh) over, we are working on having the entire series bound and available at Café Press. Tee-shirts will be available in both the standard Rosie Hughes and a LINE UP THE PENGUINS. Boxer shorts of the penguins may follow. Cafe press address to look at (and order) said wondrous items is: http://www.cafepress.com/morganville (if not up yet, they soon will be). The penguin shirt is available at the main cafepress store by searching for Rosie Hughes. :)

Since the blog ring is officially finished, it is time for a contest.

Below are the questions. Answer them in an e-mail to: CATADAMSFANS@GMAIL.COM marked “MAKE-UP AND MAYHEM” in the RE: and you will be entered to win one of the following:

FIFTH PRIZE: One stuffed penguin named Anita.

FOURTH PRIZE: One extra-large official Rosie Hughes tee-shirt or (assuming we get it finished in time and it is available) an extra-large “LINE UP THE PENGUINS” tee-shirt.

THIRD PRIZE: Stuffed penguin (named Blake), and one of each of the two tee-shirts.


Okay guys, there are two bags. One for Second and one for the First place entry. These bags and their contents are PINK, I mean eye-searing in the words of my fellow workers at the day job (a pair of SERIOUS girlie-girls who are both fond of pink in all its varieties: “Oh my THAT is PINK!” and “WOW! ALL RIGHT THEN!”) IF you love pink, you’re in for a thrill with this one.

The Second Place bag contains:
(1) The bag (DUH)
(2) Double-matted art photo of a pink cactus flower
(3) A pink watch
(4) A pink with white hearts make-up bag containing a fluffy bath thing (I can’t remember the name of it now, but you use it to get the most out of your shower gel or soaps), a pink massage mitt
(5) One pink hairbrush
(6) A pink necklace and earrings set that was hand-made by an author friend who does beading. I told her to “Go for the gusto” and to make it “As pink as you possibly can.” She succeeded. Admirably. Someone’s little girl will love this.
(7) A pink fluffy key-chain
(8) An extra-large Rosie Hughes tee-shirt autographed by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp

(This bag contains:
(1) The bag (DUH AGAIN)
(2) Double-matted art photo of a pink cactus flower
(3) A pink watch
(4) A pink camo make-up bag (perfect for hiding in the peony bushes) embroidered with white skulls (really folks I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried) containing: a bath fluffy thing (I still can't remember the name of it, but you use it to get the most out of your shower gel or soaps) and a pink massage mitt,
(5) One pink hairbrush
(6) Hot pink dangling earrings (VERY eye-catching, trust me.)
(7) An extra-large Rosie Hughes tee-shirt autographed by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp
(8) A pink flamingo key chain
(9) A pair of your very own pink lawn flamingos (named, coincidentally, Rosie and Max) (So you, too, can have your own, tasteful arrangement ---pond not included)
(10) A copy of the bound manuscript of The Rosie Hughes Project (as is or soon will be available at Café Press with all proceeds going to charity.)
(11) And finally, a copy of the classic movie: “Pretty in Pink”

**NOTE: We thought about putting make-up and/or nail polish in the bags, but the post office has about mailing liquids and flammables, and nail polish is both.

A reminder as to the Rosie Hughes plot :

(In the immortal words of Rachel Caine)

In a nutshell, Rosie Hughes, vampire, has been forced to relocate and change her career, and now she’s a major distributor of Suzi Q cosmetics in Florida – a pink lady, living in the land that just about invented pastel.

Well, someone has to sell sunblock to the undead, now, don’t they? IT MIGHT AS WELL BE HER. As Rosie has opened up her markets (mainly through cheerfully illegal use of her vampire-based persuasion techniques), she’s made enemies, namely, the other Suzi Q reps. They’re taking it hard. And they’re not taking it lying down. In fact, they’ve hired the famed Max Hunter to put an end to Rosie’s reign of pink terror.

But will even Max be able to stop the horror?

Answers to the questions below are in the posts on the various blogs in the chain, or if the book is available at Café Press, you can get a copy, support charity and find them there:

What is Max’s middle name?
What is Mary Ssss’s actual name?
Who had “man bones”?
What undercover operative was murdered by Rosie’s sister?
Name Rosie’s sister.
Name that penguin.
What was slipped into the product that proved to be lethal to some of Rosie’s underlings?
What is the shade of foundation that is repeatedly mentioned in the series.
Who is Mary Ssss’s idol?
Name two of Rosie’s cosmetics rivals who met and hired Max.
Correct entries will be entered in a drawing to be held on July 1st with the winner being announced in our July newsletter.


Suzette said...

What a fun contest! i entered!

Mindy said...

Jufinished re reading the WHOLE Rosie Hughes Project, Awesome read!
I entered the contest too!
So waht's with the posse etc?
I get your newsie but nothing about Posse's etc.

Mindy :)
An avid reader of your books;)