Thursday, June 11, 2009


Guten Morgen

Greetings and salutations.

Okay, the winner on Anna Katherine has been notified. Thanks to contestants.

Rosie Hughes stuff is at Cafe Press, it is in with the Morganville Vampire items. Look for it there.

Congrats to new posse members.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Serial will probably be posted on Friday this week. Yes, I still do know the days of the week. BUT I'm on deadline now, cranking the book out, and I will be getting up early and sitting at the keyboard working on the next Celia book instead.


"OPEN TELL 9:00"

Okay, just a quick post because I wanna. I have been frustrated by the fact that people in my area for the most part just don't read. They think reading is frivolous (or maybe even sinful, except for the bible.)

It bugs me. Because you learn from reading. Even fluffy entertainment books teach you things . . . mostly without you intending them to. Like vocabulary and spelling, and weird esoteric facts that make for interesting conversation.

There was a little Mom & Pop restaurant that popped up on the square in the town where I currently reside (not Denver. Not YET. But dammit I am working on it!) that has (sadly) already gone out of business. But the first week it had hand-printed signs on those "sandwich board" stands around the square that said "Open tell 9:00". Not until. Not 'til. Nope TELL. So I decided to take it as a viral ad campaign. We're open. Tell 9 people about it. I know that WASN'T what they were doing. But it salved my irritated sensibilities.

So now we have a book coming out in August. My call to arms is "Open -- TELL 9." That's right. TELL 9 people that it's coming. They should buy it. That we're wonderful. Whatever.



Chris said...

I'll just count my blessings that I live in the Twin Cities, noted for being an area of readers.

Tammy said...

Sounds a little like my hometown - to give you an example - we've had 2 not just one but 2 different used bookstores go out of business, the few of us that used them all the time weren't enough to help them pay the bills. Seems most folks would come in and ask how much will you pay for this book or that and they'd never buy.

Course if you take into account the fact that the schools here push the kids into sports, and they don't seem to really care about reading that probably accounts for a lot of it.