Sunday, June 28, 2009


Okay, it's Sunday. My "day off." Actually, it's going to wind up being my second day off. Oops. The little outing yesterday wound up taking most of the day, and while it was fabulous fun the weather was so hot (I think they said 106) that I was completely worn out by the time I got home.

Having had heat prostration once upon a time, I do not "do" heat well. Yes, the car was air conditioned, but we kept going back out into the natural oven to go between places, and even air conditioning can only do so much when it's faced with that kind of challenge.

ANYWAY, the dam has cracked, the book is actually moving forward nicely. I got a LOT of words done Friday. So I'm okay. I'll have to crank it tomorrow. But I can. Just so long as I keep the air on and don't try going out once the sun comes up. (Makes me sound positively vampiric!)

I have been given the honor of being invited to be on the Faery Court at RT in Columbus. I have accepted. BUT this means that I will be in LOTS of things like photos and videos. This is not a happy thing. After the debacle that was the acceptance video from the Career Achievement Award, we do NOT want to do this again. SO, I'm going to do the whole life change thing. It's okay. I'd started it already anyway. And I'm not fool enough to do anything drastic. People with chronic health problems should not do drastic. We just shouldn't. LOTS of reasons why.

SO, I bought a cheapy journal, have made my plans and bought a few special supplies and groceries. Periodically you should be prepared to hear me either crow or whine. Accept this and move on.

Now, having posted my warning label, and done my morning exercise, I am off to eat a suitably wholesome breakfast.


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Tammy said...

::grin:: Uh does a blackberry/black raspberry pie count as wholesome? I mean all that fruit....mmmmmm

LOL at the birds, you gotta go read some of Lynn Viehl's blogs, shes' had a LOT of bird parents/kids this year.