Monday, February 08, 2010

Ah Spam . . .

Hi Guys!

Only have a minute. Have been BUSY! Oy, and I'm not even close to caught up yet.

But today's micro post will be about SPAM. No, not the food stuff (which I have, by the way, never eaten.) But in my comments. Once upon a time my blog had readers (I know, you're shocked.) And they were the only ones who posted comments.

Now, however, I have fewer people who post and more SPAM. And not only spam my friends. Spam from foreign countries with strange phrasing or actual Chinese and/or Japanese characters.

I do wonder what those say. Although I suspect it may have something to do with Viagra. A lot of the others seem to.

ANYWAY, have a great day. I gotta get back to real life before it completely overwhelms me.



Tammy said...


I particularly liked the one that was all square boxes except for one word. That was kinda neat.

So you're catching up huh? Cool! We've been missing you, but real life has to come first I know.

Dolly said...

I noticed the Spam. Too bad you can't block it without blocking the rest of us. You make not have a lot of blog readers but the ones you do have are

Suzette said...

SPAM. I like spam, although I havent eaten it in a long while. Prefer it fried. Its good that way with mayo. LOL

Ladies, let me tell you. 2010 has so far not been extremely kind to me and mine. Having fiancial issues(like everone else), trying to sell a house that has become an increasingly large burden since it needs some cosmetic fix-ups, husband just had back surgery, behind on mortgages(all three, don't ask) and yesterday a Penn Dot plow hit my husbands truck(keep in mind he had back surgery two weeks ago) and I' get 16 hours a week at work. Not a good year so far and its been stressful! I hardly get on the pc anymore and I have no money for books and I decided to have a pity party on your blog. SO SORRY!

I am normally a good commenter and I try to keep up with all things I enjoy but I havent even been in the mood so sorry for not commenting and being a true minion. I ask to be allowed to keep my membership and hope you dont get mad and ask for it back.

Anyways, sorry for ranting but you ladies sure are very supportive and thats nice to have. So,, thanks.

Tammy said...

((HUG)) Suzette.

It may be cliched but things will pick up.

I too prefer the SPAM fried with a little mayo. :-)

Dolly said...

Hey Suzette, I've had my own rants on Cie's blog so I completely understand that point. It seems Tammy, you and I are the most constant "commenters" so we can share with each other.

Sorry things are not going so very well for you. Times are tough for most right now. I will be thinking of you and yours and hope things begin to turn around.

Take care and even though you don't feel like posting, please do, to let us know how you are doing.

I like my spam with mayo and lettuce.