Monday, February 01, 2010

Writing, Businessy Stuff, and Night Terrors

Got lots of businessy stuff done today, and lots of home stuff. So I am now exhausted. I did manage to get a tiny bit of writing done as well.

Okay, I get nightmares. But seeing as how I am a writer, I incorporate them into the horror portion of my repertoire. Last night ended with a scene playing out.

The protag. was on death row, waiting to be taken to have the needle. He/she was not me. I'm not even sure what gender he/she was. (I'll use he for ease of communication though). He was an absolute psychopath and perfectly calm, even cheerful about the end of his existence. I knew that he absolutely deserved it based on the rules of society (which he scorned) and his own for having been foolish enough to get caught. If you're wondering what the condemned did, think chianti and fava beans. In fact, in a show of perverse humor the dream condemned had ordered them as a joke to go with his rare steak and was disappointed at the taste and the fact that wine wasn't allowed. He was also quite amused that the DOC had no sense of humor.

There was no one to cry for the condemned, which was perfectly okay with him. But it reminded him of "Don't cry for me Argentina" which he started to sing as the guards came to get him, only he didn't know more than the first couple of lines, so he switched to "Cabaret." Which bon homie completely creeped out the guards as they were fastening his shackles, amusing him to no end.

ANYWAY when I woke up I wrote it out as an extremely short story, first person from the condemned's point of view ending with the needle. The Needle, by the way, being the name of the story. I don't know if I managed to convey the true creepiness of it, and the absolute empty and alien nature of the condemned's soul, but I did try. But like some few of my other short pieces it is entirely too weird to fit comfortably into most molds, so I doubt it will ever find a home in publishing. Which honestly, may be just as well. But I'm not sorry I wrote it. Even if no one else ever reads it (although I did send it to my son, so he might. If he gets to his e-mails, which he may not). Because, pompous as it may sound, sometimes you really do need to do art for art's sake.


Tammy said...

Creepy nightmare alright.

Although now that I think about it, it sounds like something from teh show Dexter.

Hope your next dream isn't so creey.

Shawn said...

"...sometimes you really do need to do art for art's sake."

That right there could work for a crazed killer's motive in a story...BWAH-ha-ha!!!

Anonymous said...

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