Thursday, February 25, 2010

Computer is Fussy

I've been trying to get things done this morning and my computer keeps fussing at me. Very annoying. Still, I can't blame her. She's "of a certain age" (much like her owner) and has had a fairly rough life (again, ahem). But I still get annoyed when things move too slowly, or not at all.

I am playing a game on the Parraoddity Blog (the joint blog for Cathy and I, located at It is called "ping-pong" and I'm playing with Sylvia Day. At least I hope so. We'd originally hoped to have a few more authors play, but everybody is on deadline and can't do it right now. So, we'll see how it goes. If no one else posts, it will wind up being a short story by moi. But I think Sylvia can fit me in. I hope. Really.

This is going to buy me time to start contacting Visiting Dignitaries again. Because (oops) what with deadlines, and um, deadlines, and oh yeah, did I mention DEADLINES(!!!) we haven't had a chance to fit in a bunch of new interviews.

Looking very much forward to EPICon next week. Can't wait to see New Orleans. Have the housesitter/cat-sitter lined up. Am making arrangements for Lucky the Wonder Dog today. Am also doing lots and lots of businessy things that are boring, but necessary for life to run even relatively smoothly.

Author copies of the book coming out in March (Serpent Moon, and if you haven't ordered yet, why NOT? PLEASE . . . first week sales are critical for things like hitting lists, which is critical for repeat buys by bookstores, etc.) (Okay, off of my soapbox now). ANYWAY, got my copies and signed them. Taking them to Cathy for her sig as well. I'm going to bring a couple with me to EPICon. One or two for the organizers for being nice enough to invite me. And one or two as prizes for any fans that can manage to pop by and say "Hi." But only one or two. So you'll have to be lucky and prompt to get one.

Oh, and I need to draft the newsletter for March. February has vanished. Yes, it's a short month, but REALLY. I feel like I just BLINKED and it was gone. OY!

Okay. Looking at the list of other stuff I can't in good conscience keep rambling and boring you here.




Tammy said...

Have fun at EpiCon!

I'll be pre-ordering the book next week after I get my money.

I was thinking yesterday that Feb seems to be dragging for me - course that might be cause of all the freaking snow we're getting. Was talking with someone else and she said she has so much to do that the month has just flown by for her too. LOL, I'm just weird.

Dolly said...

Hope you have a great time at EpiCon.

Preordered the book a few months ago. Can't wait.

February flies by for me too. Course all my yearly appointments are in February, my birth month.

Yep tomorrow is my birthday. The big 54!! I really don't pay any attention to my birthdays. Figure it's just one more day. However, I get the day completely off at home. It's my get pampered day.

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Dolly!!

C. T. Adams said...

Ahem. Picture Cie looking embarrassed, humming slightly off key and then basically bellowing:

HAPPY Birthday to YOU.
(Followed by howling of local canines.)

Dolly said...

Thank you Tammy and Thank you very much, Cie. The only one who sings to me anymore is my younger brother and he signs it like "Elvis" and not very well.

Appreciate it!!