Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Neil Gaiman, Castle, Bejeweled and Procrastination in General

Okay, I came home intending to write, sort paperwork, and go over the galleys one more time before I send them off.

But I didn't want to.

BAD case of the "don' wannas".

So I watched an episode of Castle on Hulu. Then thought I'd stop by Twitter "for a sec." Which led me to Neil Gaiman's website (he's celebrating its' 9th anniversary) which had a cool video interview that was actually WAY longer than I really thought it was going to be, but also WAY cooler (Oh to be that clever and cool. Oh, and write that well too.) And somewhere in there I messed around a bit with the animals, and played a couple of games (Bejeweled and Dynomite) at which I did remarkably well, so that took quite a bit of time. Then I read LKH's blog and looked up and Oh CRAP wow, um, where did the time go?


So, I decided I am going to blog this. Then I'm going to eat something light (because I haven't yet. OOPS) and go to bed. I will get up obscenely early and write and go over the galleys one more time.

Before I go, though, a quick comment question for y'all. Name three living people you'd like to meet and why.

I did this on Twitter.

First, the said Neil Gaiman, because he just comes off as so flipping cool and brilliant.

Second, Queen Elizabeth, because she's been a ruler for long enough to have seen some serious changes in history, and had to have a very interesting perspective on life, responsibility, the universe and everything.

And third I said, I should probably pick somebody ridiculously sexy and make jokes about it. But my taste in men is very specific, and I wasn't sure there was anybody seriously famous who fit.

But now I have had time to think about it. And I think I would like to meet again the man that I fell so desperately in love with at 15, who I got together with at 20 and blew it all to hell for so very many reasons that I'm not going to discuss publicly. Yes, I think that's who. I'd like to meet him, buy him a steak and maybe (if he still drinks) a beer and just talk. Because while I don't have many regrets, and I know that it took what happened then for me to become who I am---and I do like who I am, and what I'm doing with my life--I still am sorry. Because it was so painful, and stupid, and my fault.


Dolly said...

That is an amazingly hard question to answer...they have to be alive. I don't want to answer too quickly so I'll think about it some and post again later.

Tammy said...

Oh wow...alive?

I have a hard enough time trying to figure out who I'd want to talk to that's dead, but alive?

Like Dolly I'll have to think about it, and even then I may not be able to answer.

Dolly said...

Okay, I've thought about this most of the day...thank you so very much Cie!! LOL. Here are the 3 people I would like to meet and just sit and talk about everything.

Queen Elizabeth II
I've always been facinated by English history and have done a lot of reading and research on the subject. I would like to talk to her like a regular person and have her thoughts and feelings on any number of things.

Sandra Day O'Conner
There are just so many things about this woman that intrigue me. She's smart and tough but has a very human side. Her decisions on the Supreme Court were not always down conservative/liberal lines and I'd like to know why.

This last one I'm fudging on. I read a lot, I mean, A LOT. So, I've always wanted to meet some of my favorite authors but I have so many I couldn't choose just one. I went over my list that I read regularly and picked 2 to represent the many.

Jeffery Deaver/Sherilyn Kenyon
These 2 authors represent the best in all the authors I read. Their imagination, drama, humor,intelligence, and writing skills reflect all my favorite authors.

Now to play fair, here is a list of my favorite authors in no particular order: C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp, Charlaine Harris, Victoria Laurie, Keri Arthur, Faith Hunter, Jeaniene Frost, Kelley Armstrong, Rachel Caine, MaryJanice Davidson, Nalini Singh, Iris Johansen, Christine Feehan, Jayne Krentz, Julie Garwood, Judith McNaught, Kay Hooper, Cherry Adair, Karen Robards, Kim Harrison, Janet Evanovich, Michelle Sagara, Shiley Damsgaard, Catherine Coulter, Maria Snyder, C E Murphy, Eileen Wilks, JD Robb, TA Pratt, Vince Flynn, Thomas Perry, Linda Howard, Christine Warren and James Patterson.

Now you can see why I couldn't pick just one. I would love to meet you Cie as I think we are very alike. I feel you could be a friend and not just an author I read. That's why I like your blog so much. With Tammy and Suzette, we talk on your blog not just to you but to each other. I enjoy that so much.

Tammy said...

I like your list Dolly, so if you don't mind I think I'll borrow it - it took me til this morning to realize I still didnt' know who I'd like to talk to.

Although I would change a litle the 2 authors - to Laurell K Hamilton & Christine Feehan - I THINK!!!!!!!!!

And here's a PARTIAL list of fave authors (again borrowed from you Dolly, and changed slightly)

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp, Charlaine Harris, Keri Arthur, Kelley Armstrong, Rachel Caine, MaryJanice Davidson, Nalini Singh, Iris Johansen, Christine Feehan, Jayne Krentz, Jayne Catle Amanda Quick (whatever name she's writing under at the time), Julie Garwood, Kay Hooper, Cherry Adair, Karen Robards, Kim Harrison, Janet Evanovich, Catherine Coulter, C E Murphy, Eileen Wilks, JD Robb,Linda Howard, Christine Warren, James Rollins, Matthew Reilly, Simon R Green, Rachelle Vincent, Shelly Laurenston, Robin Schone, Lora Leigh, Janet Chapman, Patricia Briggs...............I'll stop now ::grin::

Dolly said...

No problems Tammy. I see a couple of new names on your list I haven't read yet so I'll be checking them out. Thanks!