Friday, February 26, 2010


Okay guys, the ping-pong match with Sylvia Day is going on on the Paraoddity blog. At this point our heroine is still nude, cuffed to the bed in a cheap motel and found out that she's about to be impersonated. It's Sylvia's turn next. I'm having a wonderful time and really hope y'all will stop by and follow this as it develops.

I'm still behind on everything, which is annoying, but at least the wekend is coming up. I am going to stop by the Forum, which I haven't been able to get to for (BLUSH) weeks.

Also, have that manuscript I need to work on. And Cathy sent me the first section of the book. But honestly, I tend to wait for the whole thing if at all possible. I like to read it through like a book first to see how it hangs together before I start picking it apart, i.e. editing.

Okay, gotta go. Gotta forum, gotta exercise, gotta pay bills, do dishes, and get ready for the day job. OY. Makes me tired just looking at it.

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Dolly said...

You sound very upbeat and positive..Yay!! I need some of your energy, not really.

Have an outstanding productive weekend or a lazy weekend, whichever works.