Friday, February 12, 2010

Shooting for the Stars

Okay, sometimes I get these wild hair ideas. Out of the blue they strike like a bolt of lightning. I generally follow up on them, and they either succeed spectacularly or crash and burn with equal or greater awe-inspiring awfulness.

Today I had one of those. I have sent it out into the world and am now watching with anguish waiting for the results.

But if you don't try, you can't succeed.



Tammy said...

Uh....Can I ask just what you sent out to the world?

A new book idea? An offer on a new house?

so I know what to tune the good vibes for. ::grin::

C. T. Adams said...

I invited a VFA (someone with 1.5 million followers on twitter) to do an anthology.

I have brass ovaries. POLISHED brass ovaries.

lexcade said...

Niiiice. I hope it comes back with great results for you and your polished brass ovaries ;-) that's great.

hey, if you never try, you never know, right?

Tammy said...