Monday, February 15, 2010

I MUST be good today. I MUST be good today. I MUST

For the most part my life is pretty good. Oh, there are things I'm working on, because that's what you do.

move forward,
learn what you can,
try not to screw things up too much,
be good to the people and animals you love,
make a decent living
and have a little fun while you're at it.

This is life.

Combining the second to last and last one is tricky. They're not mutually exclusive, but they tend to be like a pair of freestyle fighters duking it out for the amount of time I give them.

My to do list right now is (if I actually wrote it all down, which I am terrified to do) massive. The last time it was this bad it was in the triple digits. I think we may be moving toward quadruplity. (Yes, I made that word up. Get over it.) And the animals have decided that I am too stressed. Despite the fact that I took yesterday off they think I should rest, and play. (Lucky the Wonder dog has voted for "chase the tennis ball" while Tibbs the top cat is pushing for "shiny tassle on elastic at the end of a stick." Inkspot the Infamous is kneading his claws and snuggling up against the arm, which is making accurate typing just a teeny bit more difficult than it needs to be.

So, I MUST be good today. I must NOT get sidetracked by fun internet things or not-so-fun householdy things and I must WRITE.



Tammy said...

LOL, yesterday one of my cats wanted me to play ball with her, this consists of her batting it around, growling and yowling at the ball, then picking it up and carrying it toward me, then waiting for me to bat it to her. Then we start all over again. I had a really hard time trying to get her convinced I had a couple new books I wanted to read.

Anonymous said...

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meg said...

Good evening cei and thank you for the reminder to keep things real. I quoted you and referenced your blog on mine. No one reads mine, but if they do they will find your blog listed!

Take the time to cuddle that kitty's chin as you type.

Going to pre-order Serpent Moon.

Best wishes lady!