Friday, February 12, 2010


Good morning.

Where do I begin? I'm sore and stiff (new exercise program apparently is using muscles that aren't appreciating being brought off of what they thought was a permanent hiatus), and tired. (Weird dreams. Not bad this time, but definitely . . . off.) BUT I'm also happy.

Remember the interview I blew? (Possibly in part due to the fact that I was getting over the flu and had a fever and was still on meds, but also due to the fact that I wanted it too bad and was nervous.) Well, either I didn't blow it as badly as I thought, OR my references pulled through for me, OR the other folks blew it too because I'm not completely out of the running. YAHOO! WOOT!! So it's not over. No ladies (fat or thin) have yet sung. Keep your toes crossed. (Fingers are for typing) and if you pray, pray hard. (If you don't I'll settle for positive vibes.)

ALSO the house that I liked appears to be back on the market. Again with the wootage.

My son bought me a copy of American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I loved it. It is brilliant. It is also quite odd. Which gives me hope for the future. Something odd not only got published, it was a best seller and got rave reviews.

I am working on the travel plans for March and April. This requires a lot of juggling to get the animals cared for and also make time for things like spending a bit of time in Denver to look at the house, meet up with the kid and make time for interviews if need be. I am going to cons, but I may have to change the flights and eat the cost because of things that have come up. However, since they are good things and I'm receiving a couple of book checks soon so it's doable.

Okay, my breakfast just "dinged". (Thank you microwave.) I must eat and move forward with my life.

Be good, be happy, be well.



Tammy said...

CONGRATS on not blowing the interview and all. Toes are crossed, good vibes being sent.

Hope to see you at RT on Sat.

Dolly said...

Wow, a day of good news. Hopes and dreams still in the forecast. Good vibes, toes crossed and prayers heading your way.