Monday, February 22, 2010

The Best of Intentions

I came to work early with the best of intentions. I had e-mails to do. I had posts to do. I had calls to make. I was going to KICK ASS!

And then Cathy came in early, and we started discussing the best way to work the details of the climax of the book that is due in March. And lo and behold, the time is gone and I have to get to work!


Still, plotting is VERY important. So I don't begrudge it. . . much. I just wish there were a LITTLE more time.



Tammy said...

LOL, my mind just went blank, but there's some author that has a 28 hour day to her stories - think that would work for you? Having a 28 hour day?

:::trying to remember author::: Maybe it's Huff and her Valor series.

Dolly said...

Since you're always so busying, I don't think you'll ever have enough time. I'm not even a third as busy as you and time flies by.