Thursday, February 11, 2010

Roses and Welcome to Another Day

I like being single most of the time. One big reason is that I don't have to consult and explain and compromise on personal decisions. But there are things I miss. Snuggling. Really hot kisses that lead to other things that I miss just as much. And roses.

I love roses. I know they don't last. That's part of the pleasure. The ephemeral nature makes them more precious to me.

So today I bought myself roses. Yellow ones, tinged with pink (probably "peace" roses). (Because while I love myself, I don't LOVE myself. Besides, red roses aren't my favorite color. I like the orange tea roses and yellow ones much better.) They are on my desk making me happy.

Also making me happy is the fact that the scans of the galleys have gone to the publisher. YIPPEEE!

Now on to the next things.



Tammy said...

Happy Valentin'es Day Cie a couple days early.

I like SOME roses too - the reds are ok, but I prefer the whites, the organges and the mixed color ones most.

As for being single, I am and prefer it. I could have been maried a couple of times, but it wasn't for me and I said no. LOL, course the one is a long story that also pertains a relative that converted to Mormonism.

Dolly said...

Happy Early Valentine's Day guys. I love roses but I'm with you all, I don't just like the plain reds. I love a mixture.

I'm not single and have so far had 32 wonderful years with my spouse. I believe in destiny and he was definitely mine.