Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Got the cover picture up

I got the picture of the Hunter's Moon cover up on my profile. I guess I'll put up the cover of the most recent book every time it changes, with another one in the body the way Cathy posted it.

It's warm and sunny already this morning here in central Texas. I heard that it's cold and snowing in Denver. I loved Denver very much, but the cold weather always played havoc with my body -- pain, difficulty moving, etc. I'm grateful not to have to be going through that -- or scraping the car, shoveling the walk (or listening to one of the neighbors complain because I didn't shovel teh walk soon enough to suit them when I was in pain and could barely move!) This is much better from that point of view. In fact, I am very happy here.

Cathy thinks she may have found a "home" for another one of my short stories in an anthology. I'm generally more of a novel than short story kind of gal. I write them, but if they don't get published I'm not as worried about it. Cathy can't stand to see anything worthwhile sitting idle. Fair enough. It's one of the great qualities that drives the business end of the partnership.

It seems this BLOG is kind of turning into an isolated journal. I'm hoping that at some point we have readers who will be interested, but if not, not. We'll have to see. It does give me a place to vent, climb on my soapbox and be opinionated, etc. -- whicih is not a bad thing all by itself.

Well, I'm off to write some more. I watched The Bourne Identity on DVD the other night and it helped relax me enough to resolve some issues with the story I'm writing and gave me some insight on pacing. Now I have to put that to use!


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