Monday, September 27, 2004

Welcome to Another Week

WOO HOO. Kate is finished. Let's do the happy dance. It is being sent off to Merrilee as I post. I think it's a much better book than it was before, but it was hard! It started out a short story/novella and it was a real battle to convert it to a good novel. But now that it's done, I'm very proud of it. I don't think there's another world out there quite like it and Kate is a very different character from a lot of the heroines I've seen. I just hope that Merrilee finds a good buyer for it and that the people like it!

On the Hunter's Moon front, Cathy has got another group of bookmarks going out for distribution at a conference in Canada, there are also some going all over the US. This is really good for publicity! We're holding our own on and Barnes& We've gotten all good reviews thus far (and all but one of them have enough detail that we know they actually read the book). The information has gone to Maja for the foreign rights sales.

I notice that the "lost" post posted itself finally, which makes the one after look kind of silly. Ah well, certainly not the first time I've looked foolish and probably not the last

"Ran into the wall" on the book I'm working on. There are a couple of possibilities for fixing it that I'm going to try to implement. Wish me luck!

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