Tuesday, September 07, 2004

On Editing

Good morning. I had hoped to get the last chapter of Kate done yesterday. It didn't happen. Life intervened. But more than that, it was turning out to be sort of an epilogue, wrap everything up, but seriously anticlimactic kind of thing. Not acceptable. So Cathy and I went to lunch and talked about it at length. How can we maintain the tension? What needs to happen? We came up with a solution. I *hope* it works. I'm in the middle of writing it this morning.

Of course there's another problem as well. It's short for a manuscript. We've beefed it up some, but it's still a bit marginal. The trick is always to keep the tension of a thriller when you add extra stuff. You don't want to have a book be too "uneven." It's hard work. But it's work I love, so I'll get back to it. Wish me luck!

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