Friday, September 03, 2004

Greetings & Welcome to the Holiday Weekend

Hi! Welcome to the holiday weekend. It occurs to me that I may have sounded "anti-romance" in my last entry. NOT SO! VERY VERY NOT SO. I just think that by using the "R" word you "turn off" potential male readers -- and I think they'd love this book. It's dark, action packed, and has an anti-hero who is a Mob assasin as well as a werewolf. I also don't want to disappoint "R" readers by not having "enough" romance -- if that makes any sense. Such a fine line...

Cathy and I have discussed her joining me in this blog and actually having a link to the website so that people "gasp" might actually get to look at it. We're also hoping to put in things we're learning about the writing business. We're still new enough to be learning things daily. It's exciting, and challenging, and we really want to share what we learn.

BUT, I have to get back to work. Big deadlines looming.... Have a great weekend!


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