Thursday, September 02, 2004

Learning to do this.

I realize this is the second entry in one day, but I'm trying to learn how to do this. It's also tricky, because I'm going to have to find out how to post pictures. Otherwise, this is going to look VERY boring.

We had good writing news today. The ARC's arrived. They are 4 color and look very good. Cathy's got most of hers promised already. Our agent at Writer's House has several so that she can start selling the international rights (whoo hoo!). I'm going to be getting hold of the one reviewer I know personally and find out a current address to send it to. That gives me 4. I am keeping a personal copy, and then I have a couple of people I may give them to -- but I need to hold off for a few days, because they're a very limited commodity and we may need more for business purposes.

We're getting very good "press" from the Laurell K. Hamilton newsletter, a mention in the RT magazine, and a write up at "The Werewolf Cafe" (an internet site that is only physically open on the full moon -- a very cool idea. Our website: is getting a LOT of hits. All of this is just the beginning of a marketing plan that is planned to peak right when the book comes out -- which is scheduled for December 12 -- right when people are doing their Christmas shopping. I'm excited, nervous, happy... all those good things. I'm also having to concentrate on getting the NEXT book written while all of this is going on. We had a first draft, but it has problems that need to be worked out, including a couple of plot holes.

At any rate, good things are happening. I just have to keep plugging along.

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