Friday, September 03, 2004

Joining in the fun!

Well, since Cie invited me . . .

I'm Cathy, the other half of the writing team. I admit that I'm not the creative side of the partnership. I handle the business end (marketing, promotion, etc.) and write the occasional novel. So long as someone (like a kind and giving partner )gives me a great idea, I can run with it, but ideas aren't my forte. I write a bunch of different things, from historical novels, to magazine articles, romance, mystery, young adult, sci-fi, etc. Something new is always spinning around. Right now, I've been consumed with promoting the Sazi series. I think it can be really big -- the next Hamilton or Kenyon. Well, at least that's the goal . . . LOL! I'm sending it out for reviews, making bookmarks, setting up signings. All of the things that a publicist would normally do. But it's one of my favorite things and why pay for one if it's fun!?

Well, not much more to say for now. Yeah, I know this will be shown as posted by Cie Adams, because I can't figure out how to change that unless I change the profile every single time I post, so I'll probably just sign my name at the bottom so you'll know the difference.


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