Monday, September 06, 2004

Happy Labor Day

Hi folks! Happy holiday. Hope you had a great weekend.

Things here are going well. Today is a big writing day for me. I'm VERY close to finished with the edits on the first book in our vampire series. Not the edits for the publisher, nope, these are the edits that we do to smooth off the changes in versions of the book between my work and that of my co-author. This is where we sit down and make sure that if the carpet's blue in chapter 6 it's STILL blue in chapter 12, that our character's don't screw with the laws of physics and time (unless of course, that's part of the "reality" for that story). This is a hard part for me, because you see the book so much in the course of writing it that it's hard to see your own logic gaps, but it's necessary because a good editor will catch them, and it may keep you from being published. Ugh.

Still, I'm happy, because ALMOST READY. Then it goes back to Cathy for a last quick check and out the door to the agent.

Gotta get to work.


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