Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Good Morning

Work still smells like skunk. It's bad enough in the kitchen area to make your eyes water. What can I say... I just have the most interesting luck.

Touch of Evil revisions are going well for Cathy. Since we're adding a lot more emphasis on the love interest we've had to explore the pack in more detail. The werewolves in this have a matriarchal society and the change is not lunar linked, but a genetic trait that is linked to adrenaline. We're going over details of how this would affect people, what kind of pack structure would result, etc.

I'm making arrangements to visit my family during the conference. I miss them and will be glad to see them, although it will be a visit on the run since I have such a short period of time. I'm stretching my good will and vacation time at work to the limit as it is. New jobs = not a lot of vacation time.

Insurance situation still sucks.

James is in the process of getting ready to move. He's tense, but excited.

Well, gotta run. I'll write more if I get a chance.


Anonymous said...

Tell James good luck with the moving (both exciting and scary I'm sure), hope he's happy there. "Touch of Evil" sounds awesome, how cool, can't wait to read that one! Yolanda, hope all is going good out by you! How's winter treating you?

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Yeah, pass on GOOD LUCK to James! When do you go on vacation? And ToE sounds verrrrrrrry interesting... can't wait to read.

How you going Jim? Yeah, I'm alright at the moment. Winter's not fully here yet, so that's good. It's a little cooler mornings and nights but mostly days are pretty good.

How's the weather for you?

Have a GREAT day Cie and Jimbo!

Anonymous said...

Yolanda, weather here is coldish today, it rained yesterday, I should have thrown some detergent on my car during the rain yesterday (that way I could of cleaned it, ha, ha). The weather was fair and actually warm last Sunday 9the nicest day here thiks year), so spring is getting here (slowly). Lately, I am just mostly working (and doing some reading and cleaning/organizing at home). I also watch a lot of "indie films." I am going to a Hollywood Collector's Show on Saurday, should be a fun time. hope all is good by you!