Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Apparently there was a very unhappy skunk just outside my office. It has made working today... shall we say... CHALLENGING.

Sometimes luck is simply not with you. Or if it is, it's the wrong kind. Things like, having a flat tire, having a skunk stink up the workplace you'll be sitting at for at least 8 hours, etc. Nothing earth-shattering, actually small enough that you feel silly whining about it, but ANNOYING!

Cathy and I are trying to get ready for our trip to St. Louis for the RT convention. It's wild, we haven't even arrived yet and we've already got so much stuff scheduled I can't keep track of it all without my conference planner. (That was our goodie for handout -- a conference planner so people can schedule things and take notes. We're hoping it will be a hit with folks, and it has pictures and information on the books on the front and back cover).

We have a rescheduled San Antonio signing coming up too.

So, busy times.

Well, I'd better get back to it. Have a GREAT day.



Anonymous said...

I have skunks that walk by during the summer where I live from time to time, so yeah, it can be bad. That St. Louis conference should be fun, cool promo. I just sent "yet another" email your way just now.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

A skunk, huh?

I've never even SEEN a skunk, let alone smelt one! ;) Hope it didn't stink up the place too much!

Well, I've said this about a million times BUT I'll say it again... wish I was going to all these great writer conferences going on in the US this year! :( A little bummed about that, but what can you do when you live half a world away huh?

Hope you're having a better day, Cie!

Anonymous said...

I talked to my Dad yesterday and gave him your "well wishes." He told me to tell you "thank you" and that he very much appreciated you saying that. Thank you Cie!