Monday, April 11, 2005

Guten Morning, Fraus en Hommes

(Probably got that wrong, but it's the thought that counts right? :D)

It's Monday, and the day job is showing all signs of being completely INSANE. The boss has court all morning and asked me to come in early. It's OK. He's a great guy, and I don't really mind. Could live without the stress though.

For the record, I hate most insurance companies. The feeling is decidedly mutual. I am an underwriter's worst nightmare. I have all of these weird-assed ongoing things. Which is why group insurance is a must for me. (They'd never take me on an individual policy -- and the high risk pool is too cost-prohibitive). It is almost impossible to get group health insurance in Texas. Which, by the way, is a serious drag. I have been TRYING to deal with these issues for weeks which has been part of what is making me so blasted grumpy! Thing is, still no real progress. UGH!

Writing, however, is going OK. Since the books are a big source of happiness for me, I'm getting by pretty darn well. Now if only....

Everybody have a great day!



Yolanda Sfetsos said...

You have a GREAT day too, okay? I'm soooooo glad the writing's going so well... mine's working out pretty well too. I've been very productive during the last few days and it's VERY exciting...


Anonymous said...

Checking in, just want to say "hi" to everyone. Have a good day too!