Monday, February 21, 2005

About Change

It's inevitable.
It's not always a bad thing.
It can be scarey.
It can be wonderful or awful.
It generally is what you make of it.

Change is inevitable. Every day there are so many things outside our control. Like it or loathe it, they impact our lives just as the actions we take change the lives of others. In a lot of ways living is a little bit like surfing. The goal is to stay on top of it, ride the wave, and have a good time while you're at it. Occasionally, however, you're going to "wipe out." It's ok. Just get back on the board and try again.


Anonymous said...

Change is change, sometimes good, sometimes bad. The good things we don't want to change, the bad things we do want to change. We can only hope that change will bring more good than bad.
Hi Cie!
Hi Yolanda, I beat you to the posting today, ha, ha!
Hope you both had a great weekend. I stayed in most of the weekend and recouperated. I visited my Dad in the hospital on Saturday and brought him a puzzle book and a pastery. I helped him get home yesterday (we had rainy ice yesterday, but he masde it in safely). I am feeling a bit better today too. Cie, I told my Dad about your well wishes, he was very touched by that and really appreciated it.

C. T. Adams said...

Jim - Glad to hear that your Dad's out of the hospital! Tell him to take it easy. It's so tempting to try to do too much when you first start feeling better, but you pay for it in the long run.

Glad you got some time to recuperate as well. Stress makes everything worse and you've been having a rough go for a little while now. Take care of yourself.

How's the car running? Now that you're finally getting well I'd hate for you to have to be stuck out in the weather again!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Yelp, change is one of those things... can't stop it. Hopefully in the end it's for the better!

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend.

I'm still tired... it's hard catching up on all that lost sleep. :(

Hey Jim - you did beat me today! Glad to see your Dad's back home, I hope everything goes well and that you're also feeling better.

Speak to you guys later!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my Dad's taking it easy, he's in a lot of pain right now, it will take some time, there will be a physical therapist stopping by my Parent's house to get him back to normal, so that will be good. Hey Cie, I talked to Damen at Waldenbooks last Friday about autographed copies of "Moon's Web," when it comes out, he's gonna hook me up with the 7-8 copies I'll need for Christmas gifts, cool!