Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Distractions/Good and Bad

Good morning guys. Today's lesson (lol) is about distractions. Timmy, put down that comic book. Sarah, leave John alone!

Seriously, I'm writing Cat. It's going slow. And I'm having to fight some distractions. Some of them are good. Some of them are bad. It doesn't help that so much is going on right now. But that's how life is. It tests your mettle. Please consider my mettle as having been tested. I would say it's somewhat above average. Thank you.

ANYWAY, back on track. Two of the distractions that I hope to deal with today are:

A very short story that I want to get the bare bones of down before it leaves my head forever. (I forget ideas. I get too many of them. This one is way too cool to lose, but will be a real challenge to write and, alas, probably not very marketable).

Find some cartoons I drew/wrote back in HS. Why? Because MAD Magazine is actually looking. I don't KNOW that it's the right kind of humor. But I don't know that it's not. I've got to stop by the library and pick up a couple of copies of MAD to be sure. But the strip is kinda juvenile obvious humor with an edge. So... we'll see.

Then of course there's the filthy house and the taxes and laundry and...... (NO, I am GOING to write. I AM GOING TO WRITE)....

Later guys.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Ah, distractions!

Why do other ideas always try to swamp you when you're working on something else? I get that all the time so I know exactly how you feel. :)

Hope you get that short story written, sounds really interesting. I finalised an under 1,500 word short story I wrote last week yesterday. I'm happy with the result and my hubby enjoyed it too!

Anyway, have a GREAT productive day Cie!

Hope you're doing well Jim!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cie! Hi Yolanda!
Good luck with all your projects, the writing and Mad Magazine artwork opportunity sound fun, but the house cleaning, laundry and taxes...er...not so fun. Oh, I forgot to answer your car question the other day, no the macanic couldn't find anything wrong with it, he ran a computer diagnostic on it, but we think it has to do with water in the gasline, so I put in fuel injector cleaner a few weeks back and heet this week, ikt is acting MUCH better, although it has acted up (that's why i put the heet in it again thois week. I have never used such products before on any of my old cars, but what do you expect from a Ford (fix-or-repair-daily), ha, ha. Although, I do love my Mustang with kick-butt sound system.