Friday, February 04, 2005


It's Friday again. Can't say as I'm sorry, but the week went by in a blur. As a matter of fact the last few MONTHS have gone by that way. So much to do, so little time. Most of the time I'm busy and happy. Could use more rest and more alone and "down" time. Not likely to get it for a couple more months until James has gotten his own place again. I love having him around, but living alone is just more quiet than living with somebody else. I really need quiet. It's when I'm alone in my head that I can actually hear "the muse" and play the "what if" games that lead to story ideas. I know other people who don't require that. But I pretty much do. I guess its that whole introvert/extrovert thing. Introverts take their energy from being alone. Extroverts get it from interaction with others. Takes both kinds to make a world. I know which kind I am.

Cathy and I had one of our really good planning sessions yesterday. It didn't start out well, because I'd thought we'd come up with one thing the day we talked, she thought we'd agreed on another (doesn't it just figure - we both thought our ideas had "won" [grin]) When we found out that the other person was still of the original opinion, we started over.

(She hates it when I use the word hate about an idea, and I know it, but sometimes that's the only way I can make sure she understands that I REALLY AM INVESTED in not using it. And sometimes I just really DO hate an idea. That's all right. She hates a lot of mine too.) And usually at least one idea I really hate makes it in to every book (and vice versa). The fine art of compromise at work. So, anyway, I was already tired (and the day had just started) had endured one of those sequential household vortexes that suck away time and stress you out. (Cie vs. the sewing machine for 3 rounds. Cie won. The sewing machine was defeated. The new and reigning champion over reluctant household appliances...[pumps fist in victory while wearing a shiny satin robe with "The Irish Mother" emblazoned on the back] but I digress, a lot).

So we walked and talked (over the sound of the floor polisher at the grocery store). But the ideas really started flowing after I actually got some food in the system and the body decided to let the brain wake up. Over the course of a couple dozen e-mails we hashed out WHY we'd suggested what we had. Why we did and/or didn't like it. How we would be better off with using THIS as a main plot point and THAT as a subplot and "OOOOH what if we?" the other thing. Cathy teased me a little via e-mail about how "just feed her a little and all heck breaks loose!" Ta dah! A plot. Subplots. Characters with actual motivations. An EEEEVIL villain (who, of course, doesn't think he/she is evil at all and has his/her own motivation.) All in all, a great day's work. Whoo hoo!

I'd reached a sticking point on the Cat book: figured out a solution and had started to write through it. Then life intervened. I don't know about the rest of the world, but I get tired of life intervening. Yes, I can triumph as "The Irish Mother," but I occasionally wish I could accomplish what I want without such a battle. Anyway, I'm going to take some time to read this weekend, but I'm also going to WRITE on CAT and get past that da**ed section done and move past it.

(Oh, by the way, that passage was again interrupted when Tips pulled over the pole desk lamp and "The Irish Mother" had to get cats from the room, put on her shoes, and sweep up the broken glass from the bulb that had scattered all over the office).

I have four goals for the weekend:

1) Rest
2) Get my tax stuff organized and faxed to the accountant (HUGE job).
3) Read
4) Write that section on Cat.

There are allkinds of "life" things that are also calling themselves to my attention. But those are the 4 biggies.

Wish me luck.


OK deleted a litle whining and NOW I have a question for folks. Yes or no, do you believe in psychic phenomena? Which one(s)?

Telepathy (talking head to head)
Telekinesis (throwing stuff around with the power of your mind)
Empathy (not just I feel FOR you, but I actually feel what you're feeling and STOP IT).
Precognition (seeing the future).

Anything else you can think of. I'm really interested, so please make some major comments. Of course, Jim's on vacation, but maybe after Mardi Gras he can get back to me on it. And who knows, maybe somebody new will comment too.

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Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Cie, sounds like you've got yourself a well-planned weekend! Make sure you get plenty of relaxation in there, okay? :)

Psychic phenomena makes for very interesting fiction. As far as do I believe in it in real life... well... I don't think I believe it the way it's expressed in movies and books. I think that most people have a little psychic thread inside of them but most aren't connected to it. You know like when you know who's on the phone before you answer it, or you're sure a certain package will arrive today and it does. I believe in those types of psychic feelings. And that if your connection with someone is so deep that sometimes it's like you can read each other's mind!

I love all that psychic stuff and love using it in my writing!

Anyway, gotta get to work now - URGGHHHHHHHHHHHH! :(

Have a GREAT weekend Cie!