Sunday, February 20, 2005

Self Confidence/Self Esteem

The problem with self confidence and self esteem are the first word of each. You can't GIVE someone self-confidence or self-esteem. Much as you try, it's theirs. You can be as supportive as you know how, and it really does matter, but it's not enough.

There is so much in this world that drags you down, so many people who really believe that they can make themselves look better by making someone else look bad. It doesn't, but you can't convince some people of that.

Raising kids is so terribly hard. Because you can see the best in them always, and they sometimes just can't. (Which is probably best since they'd turn into huge egomaniacs if they did). And you know that the current crisis won't last forever, because you've gone through it more times than you can count. But those were your crises, not theirs. It sucks. Because you'd really rather it *was* yours, because you don't ever want to see them hurting. Ever. But its their life. You can't live it for them. Wouldn't be good for either of you. And they wouldn't get the chance to learn the lessons they need to.

Had a shrink (more than one) but she told me that the big thing for a parent of an experiential learner is letting them have enough experiences to learn, but making sure that they aren't life threatening experiences.

ANYWAY, James is fine. I'm fine. It's just Sunday morning, and I've been up a few hours without eating. Low blood sugar makes me... thoughtful and just short of bummed. So I got myself a Pepsi and some breakfast. In about a half hour I'll be SOOOOO much better. But I figured I'd write down the thoughtful stuff while it was running through my head.

Have a good Sunday folks.



Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Cie!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Gotta agree with you, raising a child is really hard. My daughter's only 4 but it's already a huge challenge. She won't listen, and when she does I have to repeat myself a thousand times... urgh... maybe I should put all my whining on tape to save myself some breath! ;)

What bugs me the most about her naughty behaviour is that she's generally a smart little girl that sometimes likes to act up to get attention. Something she doesn't need to do. She's an only child, my husband and I pay plenty of attention to her. I just think this past week's been a little hard on her because of all the work we've been doing on the place.

Anyway, thanks for asking about my arm, it's much better now. This is just something that'll always keep on coming back and going, then coming again. It just hurts heaps when it does flare up. OUCH.

And how are you feeling after the fall you had in your truck? Hope you're better.

Anyway, better get going now. Gotta take my daughter to preschool soon. I have a day to myself. Planning on finalising a short-short story I wrote last week amongst all the renovating chaos!


Anonymous said...

Cie, FYI, I posted back in some of the previous blogs over the past week, hope you found them all.

Yolanda, glad your arm is better.