Saturday, February 19, 2005

Good Morning

It's Saturday again. Already. WOW. OK, I know I keep saying that, but this year has gone faster than I ever knew time could go. I'm not the only one who thinks so either. My son's been commenting on it, and he's only 21. I think it's just that there is SO MUCH going on all the time in my life that the time just gets gobbled up.

Today I've set fairly lofty goals for myself. We'll see if I can achieve them. (Wish me luck!) I've been limping along on Catherine going PAINFULLY slowly. It's moving along, but not nearly at the rate I'm used to. Usually the words just flow out of my head and through my fingers. The characters sort of grab me by the imagination and drag me through their world per force. Maybe it's because I've written Catherine in so many previous drafts (many of them truly awful) but she's approaching me much more cautiously this time. Too, little frustrations keep breaking my concentration, so that I never quite get my rhythm going. I would love to say that I can work under any conditions. I can't. I go wooka wooka if my desk gets rearranged and I can't find things. The office is my territory. If it gets disrupted even a little I get pissed and can't work.

Since Catherine is now Christmas themed (don't ask), I'm playing the Trans Siberian Orchestra's Christmas CD. I'm not big on Christmas, so it's just about the only Christmas music I truly love. I'm hoping it will help get me in the proper frame of mind. Wish me luck!

Hang in there Jim!


EDIT -- It's working -- and I'm less cranky. Let's hope what I'm getting on paper isn't total dreck.

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