Saturday, February 26, 2005

OK You Asked for It.

OK fair trade. You asked and I'll post. BUT, I want you to post in return. Seems only fair.

It was my first day of work for a new job, but I had a stomach virus. Still, if you don't show up for the first day, you don't GET a second day. I showed up.

Now the bathroom was down a LONG slickly tiled hall (length of about a football field) from the desk. The women's bathroom is to the left. There is a large "dressing room" area, then the stalls are around the corner.

I have just settled in, the boss hasn't shown up yet and WHAM.


Coming through the door it's Adams in the lead. Undo the belt. Two steps into the bathroom I've got the button undone and am working on the zipper. I drop trou as I turns the last corner and dive backwards into the first stall bent over double...


I grab the partition at the last possible instant and SWING into stall two.

You see apparently EVERYBODY knew that my new boss (Rachel) was claustrophobic. So badly claustrophobic that she couldn't stand to close the stall door. So EVERYBODY knew that stall one was Rachel's private turf so to speak.

So, as my very first act, on my very first day of my new job. I mooned my new boss.


C. T. Adams said...

Typo (dives should be dive) would be corrected, but I can't get blogger to show that I made this entry somehow or another. Ah well.

Alas, I have more moments, not far from this in mortification level, which are some of the reasons why my mama thinks my bio would wind up in fiction. Or perhaps, comedy. Although there are those tragic moments thrown in for contrast... but definitely fiction.


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

There you go Jim! What'd you think?

I think you're hilarious Cie! I can't think of my most embarassing situation at the moment because it's early and I'm tired but I'll have to think about it...

See Ya!


Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha,ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ,ha, ha! Oh, no! I think Rachel should be embarrasesed too though, ha, ha! Great story!