Friday, February 11, 2005

General Stuff

I am going to set a couple of appointments today. (1) With the chiropractor (explanation below); (2) with the eye doctor; and (3) with a regular doctor.

(1) I fell. Hard. Stupid, stupid accident. I was in one of those honkin' high trucks they seem to love in Texas, going to lunch with a friend. I'd opened the door and was turning to grab the handle and lower myself out -- BUT -- my heel got caught in the strap of my purse on the floor and pitched me through the open door down head first to the asphalt. Face didn't take the impact (YEARS of roller skating in my teens taught me how not to fall) but my momentum was too great for me to take it very well. Hips, knees and wrists are all bruised, everything got jarred. BUT nothing got broken. For an overweight middle-aged woman, that aint so bad.


(2) and (3). I've been REALLY clumsy. It's getting worse. I think I need (a) new glasses; and (b) a renewal of the flonase prescription so that my ears aren't constantly congested (used to have to do that for a while in Denver. I'm also having some symptoms that make me think my body's decided it's ready for a major change. Natural process. Kinda looking forward to it. But I need to check with the doc to make sure all's well.

None of this is serious really, but MAN am I sore and stiff. It amazes me. Little kids hurt themselves. I remember falling down, jumping from trees I'd climbed (up was always easier than negotiating down) and doing all the serious tomboy things I loved. I had constantly skinned knees (still have a layer of scars, which shows just how much scarring there was). But I do NOT remember it hurting for more than a day. Now it hurts, and it isn't for just a day!

Anyway, means that I will probably be spending a very quiet weekend with my aspirin and my computer. Which is really not a bad thing at all. I do love writing. I really, really do.

Did an informal survey here, and on a website I visit about people's views on psychic phenomena. Very interesting stuff. I have this weird dichotomy myself. I have actual evidence in my life of its existence, but because of what I had been taught (that it really didn't exist, and if it was, it was bad/evil) I have a really hard time acknowledging it. It's HARD holding two diametrically opposed opinions at the same time. But by golly if anybody can do it I can!

Later guys. Have a great weekend. (I can't believe I'm saying that again already!)

Hey Yolanda, if you get a chance, post pictures of the new tile!



Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear about your accident, what a shame, good luck with those doctor's visits. Yes, I tend to believe in some psychic phenomenons myself. Have a good weekend everyone!

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Oh Cie! Soooooo sorry to hear about your fall! It sounds like an awful experience, but it's just so easy to have accidents like that huh?

Good luck with your doctor's appointments. I've just come back from the doctor myself! I hurt my right hand/arm. I keep having probs with that. Tendons keep getting inflammed on the inside from RSI - mostly to do with my job. But anyway, at least I got 2 days off to try and rest it off! PHEW!

Anyway, I hope you're feeling better and please make sure you get a chance to relax on the weekend.

See ya!

Nice to see you're back Jim! How'd you go? Hope you had heaps of FuN! :)