Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Strange Luck

Hi Guys. Middle of the week again already. SCARY.

I've been thinking. (Always dangerous). See, there's something about me you don't know. (Actually there are LOADS of things you don't know about me -- and you're better off for it no doubt). However, moving on, the thing I have been thinking about is "luck."

I have very strange luck.

My mother has said that if I ever wrote my biography they'd put it in fiction because nobody'd believe it.

My sister puts it more succinctly. Things happen to people. THINGS happen to you.

They're right. I have been hit by lightning. (Which has left some very interesting lingering side effects). I've had my kidney out. I've had enough medical weirdness to qualify for my own textbook... and very much more. But the thing about it is, that for every piece of BAD luck I get, I also get a piece of GOOD luck that's just a TEENY WEENY bit better, so that I wind up just a bit ahead of the game.

I joke about it. I say that in heaven, you're standing in line and an angel with the checklist is standing there and asks you if you want a nice, safe drive through the flatlands of Kansas kind of life; or an exciting, wild, roller-coaster kind of life. "Silly me, I didn't want to get bored."

Thus far, I haven't been. At all. Exhausted yes, but rarely ever bored. And I'm kind of looking forward to the future. I mean, according to studies, you have as much chance of winning a lotto jackpot as of getting hit by lightning (and a couple of other weird things, one of which I have also experienced), so I'm buying the tickets. If I win though, I think I should take a road trip instead of flying. See, the odds of winning a lotto jackpot are apparently also similar to having your plane hijacked. Knowing my luck...


Yolanda Sfetsos said...

You've been hit by lightning? OMG! I think it's so terrific that after everything you can be so positive, it's great!

I wish you all the GOOD luck in the world with everything Cie.

Have a GREAT day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cie! Hi Yolanda! Cie, that is so wild about being hit by lightning, WOW! Did it hurt like crazy? What did it feel like? I read all your posts since I got back from New Orleans and I like how your blog here is going, there were a lot of really cool posts, looks like you are feeling comfortable in what you want to write in them, that's great. It was cool with all the other people who poaztsed the other day during that last virtual champagne party too.