Monday, February 28, 2005


Alas, no one has taken me up on my offer to post humiliating moments. Can't blame you. Doesn't matter. I have plenty of my own. (Sadly, what I posted was only the tip of a very large ice burg. The best way I can explain it is that Lucy Ricardo has nothing on me. It is why, dear friends, I have been forced to develop a very hearty sense of humor and of the ridiculous.)

Didn't get much accomplished this weekend. I'm hoping that now that they've upped my meds I'll be doing better in a few days. We'll see. Right now I'm definitely having symptoms which makes getting things done a little bit trickier than I'd like.

Had a good meeting with Cathy though. Got a lot more detail ironed out for the Antoine book. This is a good thing. Also, someone was selling a "hard back" copy of Hunter on E-Bay. This was news to us since Hunter wasn't supposedly PUT OUT in hard back. AND it had the old cover. Cathy did a little sleuthing. Apparently it was issued as part of a book club. So we're checking with the publisher to find out WAZZUP?

Cathy got her copy of the copy edits for Moon's Web. Mine haven't arrived yet. Apparently (judging from what Cathy says) they aren't all that extensive. But it's frustrating. Dang that mule! I think the delivery to Yo tuckered him out!

Yolanda, I hope that life down under is treating you well. Jim, I hope that the fact I haven't seen any posts from you for a couple days doesn't mean you've had a relapse or more bad luck. You're in my thoughts. Everybody take care of themselves.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cie! Hi Yolanda! Cie, I just posted on your last two posts. I am feeling better and my Dad is doing much better! One of my most recent embarrasing moments was going to a VP meeting and spilling coffee all over the poject we were working on and on myself (nice) and then swearing after it happened, yeah, that was fun. But if you ask my Friends they think I am weird all the time, and like to pick on me, I let them, as they get a kick out of it, my newest nickname is "Werewolf Jim," ha, ha, so I should have a ton of embarrassing moments, but I laugh at almost evertything, so when I should be embarrassed, I'm not, ha, ha.