Monday, December 13, 2004

Book Stuff


Signing went well. Sold a few. Met and greeted. (Keep wanting to say Met and gret :) ). I'm always nervous at those things. Cathy finds them relaxing. Go figure. Got the office 1/2 done. Will try to finish it tonight, but I'm already feeling better about it.. Actually had a whole new series and plot pop into mind this morning in the bathtub. I'm psyched. Even if we don't use it, it means that creative thought is returning! It's always the first thing to go when my body is acting up or I'm stressed out. So WHOO HOO.

Someone wrote to congratulate us on our sales figures -- figures we can't get to yet because the group that you need to join (and Cathy did) is behind on their paperwork. ARGH. We're hoping that they'll get the enrollment processed by Wednesday so we can see our first week sales figures. ESPECIALLY if they're good.

New website ran into a snag and scheduling problems (Cathy got assigned a couple of new magazine articles -- big important stuff that has to take precedence) so the site will be formatted the way it is now for another week or two. Latest for the change is the beginning of January.

ANYWAY, keep your fingers crossed that we make the bestseller's list. If we do, I'm getting Godiva chocolates for Cathy (I offered a bottle of her favorite wine, but she already has an unopened bottle waiting). I'm thinking Mimosas, because I like my champagne better with a little OJ in it -- and the bestsellers list is definitely worth a little champagne. :)

We had hoped to get Hunter entered in a specific contest, but unfortunately the PR department at the publisher had a snafoo and it didn't happen. Kind of annoying since we really thought we'd do well. But Cathy entered us in a bunch of others, so maybe it can be both a best selling AND award winning book, which would just be a hoot and a half.

It appears (I may be wrong based on returns and all that stuff) that we have only been out a week and we have already achieved earn out. Ahem..... WHOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! That means that there will probably be actual money coming in for the first royalty check. Money is good. We like money. (Boy do I sound like an 80s movie). Seriously, I'm not sure who said the quote. "I've been rich and I've been poor. Rich is better." But I would like to find out if I agree with her/him. Things have been financially tough for a long time. It would be nice to be comfy.

Anyway, on the Jim Butcher list Jim discussed the impact of having a series go hardback. It was very informative and important stuff for those of us who hope to eventually go there. I'm going to find it and cut and paste it in an e-mail to Cathy. I may also ask Jim via post whether or not it's ok with him for me to put it somewhere on our site.

I hope everyone is having happy holidays. All the best.



Anonymous said...

Glad the signings went well, they are always a fun time, I go to a lot of them. Sounds like things are going very good, glad to hear that! Do you believe that Christmas is next week already? Wow!

Anonymous said...

Achieving best seller would be a great Xmas gift!!
You two deserve it!!'