Wednesday, December 01, 2004

There can be MORE THAN one...

Got a second before work because it's too cold to walk outside this morning. (If I can see my breath and have to scrape the windows, it's too cold and will make me wheeze).

Anyway, I've noticed something. While many (many -- and thank you, you know who you are) people are really happy and excited for me regarding the success of the books, there are also a lot of people who are... wistful. They're happy for me, but they're a little down for themselves or on themselves. And I think I've figured out why. My brother said to me "I always knew there'd be a famous author in the family. I just thought it would be me." In this half-joking voice. And as I pointed out to him.

THERE'S NO REASON WHY IT CAN'T BE. It's not like there's only able to be ONE book out there.

Talent runs in families. (It can also strike out of the blue.) Having one person succeed doesn't mean that there's less to go around for everybody else! That's like saying because *I* bought a Toyota, nobody else gets to. (Which would rapidly send Toyota out of business!) It makes no sense to me. I mean, no, you don't get to plagiarize (sp) or flat out steal worlds or ideas. But if you've got ideas of your own GO FOR IT. Since my brother loves sports (and I SOOOOOO don't -- except for hockey, motorcycle racing and the X games), I can almost guarantee that what he writes will bear no resemblance whatsoever to what I would come out with. And that's a GOOD thing. There are people out there who will hate what I do that will love what he does, or what any of the dozens of other folks who have been acting wistful (you know who you are) put out there.

So be happy. That this is working for us means that IT IS POSSIBLE, and for a relatively ordinary person no less to succeed at what they want. That is a GOOD thing.



Anonymous said...

C.T. and Cathy:

I just finished your book, Hunter's Moon, in one sitting. Wow, what a great world you've thought of to play in! I agree with LKH, in that hopefully there will be many more installments. In my opinion, you two are right up there with Ms. Hamilton and Sherilyn Kenyon. Not to diminish them, but your style of conflict is much more realistic than theirs. I loved the way your characters interacted. It was very real. I think you've come up with something big. Here's to the day when you hit the bestseller lists! I look forward to your new book next summer.

Good luck to both of you, and thank you, for the wonderful entertainment.

A new fan,
Candy R.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Candy! I hope you come back and get to see this. We really appreciate your comments. The sequel to Hunter's Moon will be out in August, we've already gotten the cover art and information. So, soon, very soon, you'll get to find out what happens next. And we hope to have more Sazi books in the future. If there's demand for them, of course.

Thanks again!