Saturday, December 11, 2004

Getting Ready

Getting ready to head over to Cathy's to go to the signing. I'm nervous and excited. We had book signings for our previous book (Road to Riches), but it's always fun in a nerve wracking kind of way. You can do your best to be ready, but things DO go wrong. Will the store be ready, have stock (already know they didn't), will anybody show up and buy books? UGH>

Good news, we're on the Amazon Canada bestseller's list (#12). WHOOO HOOO.

Went on the Jim Butcher site. He's posted the first three chapters of Dead Beat, the next Dresden book. Jim's one of my favorite authors. He also had a great discussion on his list about giong to hardcover and how much it can mean to an author's career. Makes me want to move to the next level soon. It'd be so COOL.

Well, gotta put on make-up and curl my hair so that I look like a human.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Cie, if you're a fan of Jim Butcher's maybe drop drop him an email (I did, and he responded too). One of my Friends here is a big fan of his too.